Racing Sports Cars at Historic Lime Rock Park, Connecticut

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"A recent milestone for Lime Rock is the establishment of a new, sophisticated, private club for members who enjoy racing.  Toni Fishman, an equity member at the Lime Rock Club, describes Lime Rock Park as “the best possible venue” for pursuing his passion for racing in “a safe, controlled, exciting and challenging environment.”

Fishman, who owns Telefunken USA, an engineering company specializing in producing classic and vintage microphones, admits that he always enjoyed a side hobby of restoring, collecting, and driving vintage sports cars.  However, when Fishman was introduced to Lime Rock, and the new Lime Rock Club, he was inspired to expand his hobby into a more serious business concept and launch a motor sports division of his company.

Today, in addition to attending events, races, shows and training programs at Lime Rock, Toni Fishman has grown his own company to include Telefunken Motorsports, a division dedicated to restoring vintage sports cars and offering storage and racing services to other motor sports enthusiasts.

This business expansion bodes well for Telefunken, a celebrated German engineering company that boasts an early history as a racing sponsor for the Carrera Panmerica (1950-1954), one of the most famous events in auto racing history.

Fishman’s experience, and the launch of Telefunken Motorsports is just one example of how the history of Lime Rock Park continues to shape and influence the contemporary motor sports industry."